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Welcome to Shivam Export
Shivam Export is importer of rough diamonds, manufacturer and exporter of polished diamonds, since 1995. Functioning as partnership firm along with existing in economy of secondary sector industry and tertiary sector industry we are specialised in making round and fancy shape diamonds in prominent sizes like + 0.11 - 0.13 cent (Eleven), + 0.14 - 0.17 cent (Fourteen), 0.18 - 0.22 cent (Fifth), 0.23 - 0.29 cent (Quarters), 0.30 - 0.36 cent (Thirds), 0.37 - 0.46 cent (Three Eight), 0.47 - 0.57 cent (Halves), 0.58 - 0.69 cent (Five Eight), 0.70 - 0.89 cent (Three Fourth), 0.90s, 1.00 - 1.49 ct, 1.50 - 1.99 ct, 2.00 ct and above range are also available along with certified pointers and solitaires with color scale range starting from colorless diamonds to very light yellow color diamonds inclusive of light brown color diamonds, provided clarity characteristics of internally flawless diamonds to imperfect diamonds, to cater clients worldwide.

Stupendously interwoven with strong morals and realistic practice of implementing Best Practice Principles (BPP). This principle is developed by the Diamond Trading Company (DTC) which signifies that all business functions are undertaken environment friendly, faithfully, proficiently and thorough business operations are factual in the eyes of law. We make sure that each and every rock we deal in, they covers Kimberly Process Certificate (KPC), it ensures that we do not deal in blood diamonds. Read More...